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Damaged Trailers

FITS Walton Damaged Trailer

Unfortunately, sometimes after being put on rent for an extensive period, trailers come back to our lots not in the same shape as when they left. Recently, one of our 53’ trailers was returned to our Walton, Kentucky location with significant damage done to it. This is not something that happens often, as usually there are minimal to no repairs that are needed after we get a trailer back from being on rent. Robb Foltz who is the General Manager of the Walton FITS location was able to give more insight into the situation.

What happened?

The trailer had been overloaded with inventory which could have been over the suggested weight limit of approximately 40,000 pounds. However, the overall weight of the product was not the main issue. What happened was the product was not evenly distributed, which caused bowing in the middle of the trailer. The customer was unloading the inventory over a long period of time which left all the weight to be in one part of the trailer. This caused immense stress on the floor, leading to the damage.

How to prevent this

Not only was the damage very costly, but this will put this specific trailer out of commission for at least a few weeks. One of the most important things to remember when loading your storage trailer is how to load and properly distribute the weight of your product. Robb Foltz says, “60% of the cargo weight should be loaded in the front half of the trailer.” Below is a graphic that illustrates this rule to keep your trailer in good condition.

Be sure to always load your trailers properly to avoid unnecessary damage and costly bill backs.

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