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Is Renting a Trailer More Cost-Efficient Compared to a Large Warehouse?

The traditional way to go about storing excess inventory, supplies, etc. is by leasing or even building a warehouse to keep inventory secure. However, this may not be the most cost-effective way to store your materials. Dry-van trailers and storage containers from American Trailer Rental Group (ATRG) are an inexpensive option for you and your business in both the short and long term.

Long Term vs. Short Term

Warehouses typically require a long-term contract that binds a business to use that space for an extended period. What if the space is no longer needed? How would the expense be justified if the economy takes a negative turn? This could lead to a substantial amount of money being wasted. A trailer can be rented on a month-to-month contract which means no long-term commitments if a long-term commitment isn’t needed. Additionally, when looking at a year-over-year comparison a trailer can be up to half the cost per square foot of an average warehouse.


Possibly the best advantage of a trailer compared to a warehouse is the flexibility. We understand that your needs change quickly, so we provide trailers and containers that can be provided quickly as well. We can provide you with however many trailers you need, even if that number changes by the month. When renting from ATRG, businesses can get exactly the right amount of storage they need, for a specific period, or on a month-to-month contract. This is nearly impossible to achieve with a large brick-and-mortar building that can run out of space quickly or have a large amount of space unused.

Warehouse Scarcity

Spaces for new warehouses to be built are starting to be few and far between, and availability in existing facilities are at all-time lows, so businesses are rushing to get ahead of the curve and find the new alternative. Look no further than ATRG’s 30,000+ dry van and storage container fleet. Don’t let your business fall behind when it comes to how you expand your storage capacity. Choose cost-efficient trailers or storage containers, not an expensive warehouse that locks you into a long-term contract.

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