Better service starts here


Kamps Pallets, Inc.

FITS is a prime example of how ALL companies in the service industry should be ran. A great organization has great leaders, management, and employees. A vision has to be set by ownership and consistently expressed throughout the company. It starts at the top with ownership and it permeates through the entire company. The vision quoted by Rodney states “exceptional quality and unparalleled customer service.” I couldn’t think of a better way to put it!

This company really cares about satisfying their customer base. On a Monday morning prior to the facility opening, I called the shop and was greeted by the owner of the company. Not too many companies answer the phone prior to the normal hours of operation, but for the owner to take my call, I must say, I was shocked yet pleased that my needs were being attended to. Nancy and Tammy have always been more than helpful. For example, Tammy has always been pleasurable to speak with on the phone all the while providing pertinent information and ensuring a timely response if needed.

The shop manager Jimmie, has always taken my calls and squeezed it into his schedule even during a heavy workload. It is comforting to know when a trailer goes down, I can count on Jimmie to provide service in a timely manner. Paul from the sales team has even gone on a call to repair sand shoes for our company.

Most importantly, I would like to express my appreciation for Mark. On numerous occasions, Mark was able to come onsite and fix or repair most of the issues that we have had with our trailers. Not only does he do what we ask of him, he also points out things that need to be addressed that may not have been brought to my attention previously. He keeps a clean working environment and never leaves anything behind. But to take that a step further. On more than one occasion, Mark has explained why a certain task was not needed. For example, I had a trailer with a flat on it and I told Tammy to be sure to send an extra tire with Mark to replace the inside unit. After inspection, Mark showed me that changing both tires was not warranted. Some of the other companies may have changed both tires in an effort to generate more income. Not FITS. Not only did this save me time and money, but this also reassured my confidence in doing business with FITS. Mark is a great representative of the company and is always welcome to work on any of our trailers.

From everyone here at Kamps Pallets, Inc. we want to thank FITS for everything you do for us!